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Gaslighting and Gaslighter — Are you aware of these terms?

Well, a few years back I didn’t know when I lived with my ex-husband, a crude narcissist fellow.

Trust me, it’s extremely difficult for a normal person to understand and relate to a psychologically disturbed patient’s thought process. Being a Narcissist Survivor myself, I know how narcissists use gaslighting tools to ruin marriages, relationships and lives.

Whatever I write here is the knowledge I have acquired from my own life experiences about gaslighting in a relationship and how a gaslighter uses effective strategies and tools to gaslight their victim to…

Almost everyone shows some level of empathy. But when it comes to those ‘Highly Sensitive’ Empaths, Empathy is God’s invaluable gift to them. Empaths are those emotional sponges who can absorb and literally feel other people’s emotions.

So, at one end when this quality makes empaths treasured healers, on the other side they are equally vulnerable to people using their sensitive self for their own advantage. As a result, most empaths often feel humiliated and used to the extent of frustration and emotional exhaustion. But there are several ways how empaths can save themselves from these emotional exertions.

We will…

Detoxing Your Negative Mind with a Glass of Water with freshly cut Lemons and Greens
Detoxing Your Negative Mind with a Glass of Water with freshly cut Lemons and Greens

Most of the time when we talk or preach about healthy lifestyle, we usually concentrate on body health and balanced diet plans. But a holistic approach to detoxification is not restricted to only what your body intakes or expels. It relates to cleansing, nourishing and detoxing our mind and soul alike from all its negative wastes and toxins.

Our mind is the home where our thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings and every tiny activity that we do every day are born. Keeping it well-nourished with positivity is essential to stop negative thinking.

A negative, unhappy or tired mind not only affects…

Debosree Pyne

Full-time Content Writer, Freelance Writer, Marital Abuse Survivor, love to write about narcissistic abuse, marriage and relationships.

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