Stop Thinking Negative and Cleanse Your Mind With These Pro Tips

Detoxing Your Negative Mind with a Glass of Water with freshly cut Lemons and Greens

Most of the time when we talk or preach about healthy lifestyle, we usually concentrate on body health and balanced diet plans. But a holistic approach to detoxification is not restricted to only what your body intakes or expels. It relates to cleansing, nourishing and detoxing our mind and soul alike from all its negative wastes and toxins.

Our mind is the home where our thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings and every tiny activity that we do every day are born. Keeping it well-nourished with positivity is essential to stop negative thinking.

A negative, unhappy or tired mind not only affects one’s body but also harm those who are associated with us- family, friends, colleagues, spouse, even strangers we encounter every day.

Today, we will discuss the negative aspects of an unhealthy mind and eventually wrap up the content with a few quick tips that you can follow to cleanse your mind and wash out all harmful negativity from it.

When does your mind need a Detoxification to Clean Negative Thoughts?

Just like your body gets rid of the waste products, your mind too needs a detoxification process at periodic intervals to get rid of any negative practice it has adapted to (both consciously and unconsciously).

Some of the most negative behaviour that our mind keeps acting repeatedly are:


Lack of Focus


Anxiety and Stress

Making unnecessary mistakes and errors

Unknown and Regular Health Deterioration

Negative Thoughts

Unhappiness and Dissatisfaction

Feelings of Insecurity, Jealousy, Fear and Disgust

Effective Ways In Detoxing a Negative Mind

1. Daily Exercise:

People talk of meditation techniques when it comes to silencing the overwhelming noises in your head. But for me, physical exercise played that part better.

Exercise has been an active part of my life from the very childhood. But it is only in my adulthood that I realised the real benefits of them. A few years back I started morning walk and it has changed my life completely.

Nowadays, I start my day with 30–45 minutes of walk in the morning. If I am not able to go out of the house, I encircle my terrace early morning. It is not unknown that nature has a natural detoxification mechanism of its own and slaying yourself in its arms keeps your mind, body and soul refreshed and energized together.

I prefer to exercise alone. It gives me that ‘Me’ time that helps to accumulate my thoughts, ponder on the activities of the day, my plans, life and starts my day with a fresh and focused mind.

This silent walk alone in the morning works as silent meditation, though I do meditate every day during my prayers.

The prayer is usually for a few minutes, but it gives me the energy that lasts for the rest of my day.

2. Eat Healthy and Drink A Lot Of Water To Cleanse Negative Thoughts:

Your body and mind need proper nutrition to work perfectly. So, always remember to feed your body with healthy food and also the regular 8 glasses of water to keep it hydrated.

But along with your body, also keep a check on what you feed your mind. Unhealthy and toxic words, feelings, thoughts and actions can damage your mind’s health. Your thoughts develop from your daily activities. So, notice what you do and with whom you spent most of your day. Avoid negative and toxic people as much as you can.

Also, ensure you feed your mind with positivity with what you read, listen, write, understand, think and do. Everything counts in building your mental health.

3. Be Selfish and Learn To Say ‘No’:

Most of the times, the prime reason for our unhappy life is because we weren’t able to utter that loud ‘No’ when we should have. If you are stuck in a job you don’t enjoy, if you have relationships in your life that serve you nothing, if you feel too burdened to do something just because you have made a commitment or muttered a meek ‘yes’ instead of a ‘no’, it’s time to cut those unhappy things from your life.

If anything in your life is not giving you the pleasure you deserve or the happiness you seek, find a way to get out of it. Leave the job, break the toxic relationship and cancel your commitments but remember to do them assertively and without any regrets.

All of us make mistakes. But a mistake doesn’t mean you have to suffer all your life. Set strong boundaries. Learn to shout that ‘No’ with confidence and feel the freedom it gives you.

Once and for all de-clutter all toxic commitments in your life and start doing what you always wanted to. Don’t wait for a chance, seek the happiness you always desired for.

4. De-clutter Your Emotional and Mental Wardrobe:

Have you ever brought a dress inspired by how someone else looked wearing it? Or impulse bought a decor item to fill in your emotional void? These things might just be stuck up in the corner of a wardrobe never to be worn or used.

Your mind too cutters numerous such kinds of stuff consciously or unconsciously. Some past relationships, failures, mistakes, grudges, betrayals, pain and suffering that occupies so much space in your mind that you hardly have space to accommodate some new things.

Its time to de-clutter your emotional and mental wardrobe. Throw out the negativity that is stuck in your mind. Make room for new thoughts, feelings, mistakes, lessons and happiness.

An effective way of detoxing a negative mind is by writing them down on a paper and then burning it or shredding it into the bin. You will notice that once the thoughts are out of your mind and on the paper, your mind feels refreshed, light, calm and active.

5. Accept What You Have, Lost or Get to Stop Negative Thinking:

Most of us are unhappy because we do not appreciate what we have. Whether it’s a material thing, a relationship, a job, a career, friends or time, we tend to ignore their importance in our life until its lost. We consider everything to be in our possessions and thus, we can treat them as we feel like.

But it's not true. In real life, we own nothing. Neither things, relationships, people, job, money nor time. Everything is volatile. We realise the importance only once we have lost them. Then we grieve about our loss and feel so sad that we again ignore what we have or might get in the future.

That’s human nature. But if you wish to be happy, accept the fact that everything you have has an expiry date. Accept that everything will be lost one day. So, if you wish for a peaceful life, always appreciate the things you have now, forget what you had and lost and welcome what the future brings you.

6. Take Technology Breaks To Build Healthy Communications:

Smartphone and other digital devices have taken a large part of our lives. Smartphone addiction has become an alarming concern in today’s world. People are becoming more attached to their digital devices than they are with their family, friends or even kids.

The digital world is filled with information and we are continuously engulfing them when we read, listen or watch videos on the internet. We spend our days, for some even nights, binge-watching Netflix or random videos. This information overload is drastically affecting our mental balance. We lose interest in our everyday activities, we hardly have time for our families, we are always irritated, passive, tired and restless.

De-clutter these informational threads and take a technology break every day. Most of our jobs need technology. So, cutting down on them completely is not possible. But you can balance the time. Allot a few hours of the day when you can keep your phone, laptop or any digital device away and spend your time with your family and friends.

Communicate with them, call your friends, play with your kids, check on their studies, engage yourself in some activity or household chores, spent some quality time with your parents, your spouse and your home. Plan a weekend trip and keep your phone on a silent mode or just switch it off. Remember, everything and everyone deserves your undistracted attention.

Give them your time and get back a light, peaceful and calm mind you had been looking for.


Our mind is a place where all types of complex emotions, feelings, memories, thoughts and ideas are born. Keeping it healthy, active and positive is essential if you wish to live a happy life. Detoxing a negative mind is easy said than done. It takes a lot of time and potential effort to get the mind out of its negative habits and behaviours.

But if you really wish to stop negative thinking and start living a healthy life, it is essential to follow a complete detoxification routine of your mind, body and soul.

Do you have a special way to cleanse the negative thoughts from your mind?

Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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